December in the bonsai garden

December is the time to prepare for winter situations with freezing and dormancy. In this episode, we look into what can be done in the bonsai garden at this time, how to prepare for winter and a funny detail with branches changing colors.

Simple Viburnum group planting is casually displayed.

Wintertime also is a time for indoor enjoyment of bonsai. If you just take care and acclimatize your trees they can easily be used for decoration for a few hours.

I do appreciate bringing in a tree, and it doesn’t need to be set up as we normally do for a presentation in a Tokonoma or at exhibitions. Just place it on the table, a shelf, or however you find it presents the best possible. I think it is more important that you actually do it, rather than not doing it because you find it too troublesome to find and set up tables. Just do it.

This, and more, are included in the episode released today in BONSAI ON.

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