Daizo Iwasaki passed away

I am sad to inform that world known bonsai collector Daizo Iwasaki passed away. I knew Daizo Iwasaki through visit in his famous Takasago-an garden in Japan, and a private visit here in Denmark a few years ago. I have also helped him with a book of his, and always met a very friendly, sharing and lively man.

The passion of bonsai and his garden was clear for everyone, and as a honourable member of the World Friendship Bonsai Federation, Daizo Iwasaki met many people sharing his love for bonsai.

It was planned to make a visit to Daizo Iwasaki only a month from now, so I am sad I did not had the change of a last talk with Iwasaki. A great person of the bonsai community will surely be missed.

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  • Eduardo Santos

    Master Albek

    I am so sorry about the Master Iwasaki┬┤s passing away!

    I would like to have known Master Iwasaki too.

    Who knows, maybe we can go to visit Takasago-an, the Paradise of Bonsai to me!

    Rest in Peace Master Iwasaki!

    All the best for You Master Albek!

    Thanks for all that you do for Bonsai!

    I am Your Fan!

    God Bless You!


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