Bonsai in Rome

At my recent travel to Rome in Italy, my wife and I took a last stroll through Trastevere before we should go home, and  entered a botanical garden where a flower festival took place. Here we by coincidence stumbled upon the local bonsai exhibition by the Roman association.


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  • alfredo espino

    A very pleasant surprise indeed, Morten! Thanks a lot for sharing. I would also like to see more of your trees -I love them.

    Best wishes.

  • Giacomo

    Oh Morten, I cant belive you were here in Rome and I missed the chance to meet you! I was at the show too! What do you think about the bonsai showed? Hope to meet you someday 🙂


  • Morten Albek

    Hi Giacomo
    Well, it was actually by full coincidence that my wife and I went to the exhibition. We did not know it was there and we took a walk in the park at the last day of our holiday in Rome. It was great to see a well arranged exhibition, with good quality bonsai from your local club. Good surprise to be there at the right time. maybe I see you another time somewhere. 🙂
    Best regards

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