Shohin-bonsai pots by Elsebeth Ludvigsen

I am fortunate to have the excellent Danish shohin and kusamono potter Elsebeth Ludvigsen around. Elsebeth delivers from time to time some very good pots with her own unique style. Danish clay crafts have a good reputation in Europe and the traditions are shown in bonsai pots all over Europe from especially English, German, Danish and Holland potters (I may miss some, but these are who I am aware of, apologies for any let out).

The last edition are showing Elsebeths great glazes, and I have already some trees ready to go in their new homes in spring. A very happy new year gift to receive, looking forward to repotting ahead of us.


  1. theweelad says:

    I really like these pots keep up the great work Elizabeth
    Take care all
    Jim thelad

  2. Morten Albek says:

    The website of Elsebeth is at the Shohin-bonsai europe website:

    Informations about a shop selling the pots and contact informations at Elsebeth Ludvigsen directly are available there too.

  3. c.olin says:

    Very nice pots.
    Does Elizabeth have a website? it is possible to order some pots and get them sent within Europe?

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