Bonsai out in the open


Finally the weather have behaved and spring signs are present. So today was the time to bring out the bonsai from their shelter. It is always a good feeling to see trees and accents placed on the benches again facing a new growing season.

Almost no repotting this year, so cleaning pots and making small adjustments of top soil i.e. made the preparations less time consuming than normal.

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Your pots look so small…. how many times a day do you water? And is it way more when summer comes along. Do you grow in full sun all day?


Pots are small, and demands watering at least twice a day on warmer days, especially in summer time. During spring most trees are exposed to full sun, with the ones demanding semi shade placed so bigger bonsai makes a little shadow during the day.
In summer a large tree in the garden helps with some shade too during the middle of the day when the sun is too strong. But as much light as possible.
Best regards
Morten Albek

Charles Willis

These are fantastic. What is the average height? It’s so hard to tell.


Wow, love them. I bet there just as demanding as a full sized tree aren’t they?