Bonsai – bonsai – bonsai

Bonsai is a very big part of my life, and it seems like it can’t stop going in that direction. My website has changed from being a enthusiasts thoughts and experiences shared, to be a bonsai professional platform. Why is that so?’

I have done bonsai for many years and already a long time ago I began doing workshops and demonstrations. 10 years ago I published my successful book focusing on Shohin Bonsai (Shohin Bonsai, Majesty in miniature). It sold very good as do my activities as bonsai demonstrator nationally and abroad. With time this has evolved and the thought rumbled in my head to do some more. So I found the need to spread more information online.

Especially video content is sought after today.

I am a professional video journalist and the combination of this and what I want to teach about bonsai is a perfect combination. Therefore the website is developed to support this need. If you noticed the url changed slightly to to support this, but the stays. So whatever you use, it will stay pointing at this website.


Improve your skills – Improve your bonsai

My hope is to inspire and bring out all the knowledge gained by many years (20+ years, auch) of bonsai experience. The bonsai collection in my garden spans from tiny mame, over shohin and midd-sized bonsai up to larger trees. Every work you see will be done on the collection trees. Showing transformation of raw material to future bonsai. Working on established show ready trees, and all kind of techniques regarding styling and maintenance. And much more.

Sign up for a paid subscription and join the work in the garden throughout the seasons. Be with us from the start and get new video content twice a month. All the time new content is added available for paying subscribers, and with full access all the time you are a member. Watch when it suits you.


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