Loading spring bonsai tutorials

Spring is coming soon, and spring is loading at the Bonsai Video Studio soon with video tutorials. We do that with the next two themes. First one is focusing on bonsai pots. Thereafter a huge theme on bonsai repotting will be released.

Morten Albek goes through soil types, pruning roots, difference between shohin and larger trees and much more fully covering this subject. Sign up today for a subscription and be sure you get all the information you need to go safe through spring repotting your bonsai.

[arve url=”https://vimeo.com/252554785″ /]

Spring is fun. Everything wakes up again after the winter dormancy, days gets longer and warmer days are ahead of us. It is for me the best time of the year. The time I enjoy the most. Watching every little step of the new growth, when trees unfold their new leaves until now hidden behind a protective layer in winter. Spring flowers and air heating up.

Before that I go to India to the Bonsai Namste event. Vlog from that big event will be posted right after for subscribers only. Like the theme about pots and spring repotting iis for subscribers solely.


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