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I know some found it difficult to order the English version of my new book at the French website of Esprit Bonsai.

But my wonderful French publisher has made it possible to change the website into English, and making the order easy. Just click the menu at the top of the page, and the website will change into English language.

I hope that this information will make it far more easy for the great English speaking crowd to order the English version of “Shohin – Through the Seasons”.  🙂

The French still have the lovely French language to read and order. See the illustration inserted. There you will locate the language shift.

You can order it right here https://www.esprit-bonsai.com/A-18531-shohin-through-the-seasons.aspx

4 thoughts on “Order my book in English”

  1. I already ordered my copy a while ago. It wasn’t very easy. I hope it arrives, I am really looking forward to it!

  2. I’m very excited to receive my copy Morten, I love watching your videos and reading your blog. You have a wonderful way of getting information across, and I love seeing the journey you take every time you walk into through your beautiful Bonsai garden xx

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