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The goal of shohin-bonsai is the display. The theme of every shohin disply is to suggest the season an beuty of the trees.

Shimpaku upside down

For a number of years I have been growing a small Juniperus Shimpaku, and followed the original position until now. The tree was purchased as a semi-finished piece at the Mansei-en nursery in Omiya, Japan, of late Saburo Kato in 2005, and mainly bought as a memory of the time

Shohin displays at Noelanders

As promised in an earlier post, I will take a little time going through some of the shohin displays at Noelanders this year. Not to judge them (judges already did their job), but to put some words on the way of displaying shohin-bonsai the classical way at a exhibition. The obvious

Shohin displays at Noelanders Trophy and EBA 2017

Juniperus chinensis `Otoigawa´ , Acer buergerianum – Alexandre Escudero With special permission from The Noelanders Trophy organisation are here most of the Shohin-bonsai displays from this years exhibition in Genk, Belgium.  The displays were part of the Noelanders Trophy and the EBA 2017 meeting.

Ready for Noelanders / EBA2017

Finished all the cleaning up, details and applying moss on the soils surfaces i.e. on the bonsai that I will bring to the EBA 2017 exhibition at Noelanders Trophy this upcoming weekend. Today tables are cleaned and packed for the ride. Will be there from Friday and all the way

Shohin workshop in Spain

Go to Mistral Bonsai open days in October, where we can meet at the workshop. Full program is available at!program/c66t A draft of the program below: Saturday October 4th 10.30h – 13.00h Demonstration of bonsai with Masteres  Morten Albek (a pioneer in the Shohin-Bonsai) and Wlodzimierz Pietraszko (Artist of the