Bonsai next season

One year ago the first video at the new Bonsai Video Studio was published. Before I look back on that in a future New Year’s annual post, I want to step into the next bonsai season.

Larger bonsai

Most content has had it is focus on Shohin-bonsai the previous years. It still will be a major content based on the small size of bonsai. But I also want to step up a bit, adding more content with medium-sized and larger bonsai. Covering a wider area of the bonsai art.

I believe many bonsai enthusiasts are not focusing only at one thing or one size. Many likes to play with different aspects of bonsai, maybe specializing a bit on a certain area of the art, but not declining all the other aspects.

So do I. I fancy small trees as well as bigger trees. Therefore I will try to cover this in 2019. Looking forward to execute some forest planting projects, moving on with medium-sized Potentilla´s and Scots Pine. Continuing the Shohin bonsai with new projects as well. Next theme at the Bonsai Video Studio will be Shohin forest creations. Really great fun to play with.

Winters work

Winter doesn’t mean we can`t work on our trees. There’s a lot to do on quiet days or nights. Deadwood carving on already dead wood for example, or simply wiring deciduous trees, easier to work on in winter when leafless. Shown at the latest Seasonal video. Deadwood carving will be a subject in early 2019 videos. And much more.


Thank you so much for your support so far. It makes it worthwhile doing all the work, receiving kind comments and watching the crowd grow taking part and being members at the Bonsai Video Studio.

Shohin collected before brought in to winter storage.


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