Happy autumn

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Autumn, (and I do repeat myself year after year) is one of my favourites. When it gets colder here in Northern Europe, the colours of deciduous trees change. For now it is still warm, but this will slowly change. Deciduous trees change their leaf colors from the darker summer green tones to yellow, brown or red. Especially the Japanese maples are stunning in all their variations.


Stop feeding

At this time it is important  to stop feeding your bonsai. Feeding them now will stress new growth, and this new growth will be too weak to cope with the winter colds. It is time to do other jobs in the bonsai garden though. Checking wire applied in the summer or earlier. Ensuring that the summer growth does not overgrow the wire and make marks difficult to change.


Cleaning out any weeds or dead leaf at the soil surface, to secure no pests are hidden. More important, the removal of dead plant material are of big importance because fungus can be a present. Most actions of fungus are good actions. because fungus breaks down dead plant material and feed future trees with nutrients. But that is when it is happening in the ground, in the forest.

In the bonsai pot, fungus can attack weak branches and open wounds. Therefore it is advisable to remove what can cause this. And that is dead plant material. Fungus likes humidity and cooler weather, and just that is the features of autumn.

The good thing, is the wonderful colours at the bonsai. Looking forward to that part.

Follow the seasons

One of the elements in the monthly video updates at the BONSAI VIDEO STUDIO is the report from my garden. Following the changing seasons is one of the important parts of bonsai. What to to when, and the pleasure of getting in contact with nature all year. All 12 months will be covered in the Vlog, so you can enjoy following the garden and trees.


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15 years with shohin bonsai

This year the Shohin Bonsai Europe website has been online for 15 years. Worth a small celebration I think, and an excellent excuse for a glass of wine on a Sunday evening. In the start the website was made to spread the knowledge of shohin bonsai when little appreciation and information was present. Today this has changed a lot and shohin bonsai is just growing in popularity day by day. Same is the support of the website and I enjoy continuing the work. Now with the online Bonsai Video Studio added. Teaching bonsai online with video tutorials.

Shohin bonsai is still the main theme, blended with medium bonsai. The beauty of bonsai is not limited to one special category for me. I enjoy the art in different aspects, but my favourites will always be the smallest ones.

Mame-bonsai Cotoneaster in autumn clothes. Morten Albek, Shohin-bonsai Europe garden.

The bonsai garden is being rebuild in spring to take in more space for trees, and room for the video production. It is a feast to live a life with bonsai.

New video is online for subscribers to the Bonsai Video Studio by the way. Sign up if you want to watch and see more when new videos are published every month.

Below a small gallery of shohin and larger bonsai from Japan. Have a nice and peaceful weekend. Now just waiting for spring one month away.

Bonsai winter pruning

It is winter, and the bonsai season may seem a bit far ahead here in Northern Europe. But soon winter is over. We begin repotting and things starts to grow again.

Juniperus chinensis with frosty needles.

Winter time is also bonsai time. Styling trees are perfectly done during the dormant season. Especially evergreens can be wired and formed, and if protected from frosts some pruning will be fine for both conifers and deciduous. Although scars heal over better in the growing season the advantage of winter pruning is that the trees are less stressed when the sap flow is low and bleeding is at a minimum. Most important is to keep the trees protected from rain and free air where fungus might spread and infect open wounds. Therefore it is advisable to keep the trees in an unheated greenhouse or alike, and cover wounds with a cutting paste to close any possibilities for fungal attacks that will harm the tree.

Scots Pine collected in Sweden. First styling midd way status. Watch the full styling process in upcoming video midd January.

Next bonsai video on its way is the styling of a Swedish Yamadori Scots pine. It is styled in two steps, and the video shows the full process of the first initial styling. Available for both subscribers and nonsubscribers of the Bonsai Video Studio soon.

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The Bonsai Video Studio is open

We managed to get it up a little before time, so there is a possible Christmas gift for yourself. First Monthly Theme is about wiring. First thing in the new year more content will be added to the wiring theme.

We hope you will help supporting the ongoing production of new learning videos by signing up for a subscription. Can’t make it without you.

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The library will grow continuously building a valuable catalog of tutorials and inspirational content over time.


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