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Horsetail Kusamono

The Kusamono Dwarf Horsetail, Equisetum scirpoides, is a gift from a good bonsai friend. He didn’t remember the name, so I …

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Finding the right bonsai pot

One of the fun things about repotting bonsai in spring, is the possibility to select a new pot for a …

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Shimpaku upside down

For a number of years I have been growing a small Juniperus Shimpaku, and followed the original position until now. …

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Shohin displays at Noelanders

As promised in an earlier post, I will take a little time going through some of the shohin displays at Noelanders …

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Gafu-ten book 38

The book from the 38th Gafu-ten exhibition in Japan (the largest Shohin exhibition taking place every January in Japan), just …

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The shohin pot from Bálint Tirpák Mafia

A very kind gesture has been made from Hungarian shohin `Mafia´ member Bálint Tirpák. So he made his own pot …

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Flowers and leaves

Spring brings flowers and leaves. The delicate new maple leaves and the potent flower buds of the Japanese Quince now …

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Shohin-bonsai pots by Elsebeth Ludvigsen

I am fortunate to have the excellent Danish shohin and kusamono potter Elsebeth Ludvigsen around. Elsebeth delivers from time to …

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Shohin pot fashion today

Bonsai fashion shifts from time to time. Sometimes it changes due to new taste and influences by leading artists. Some …

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30 year jubilee shohin pot

In the weekend just passed I had reserved a shohin pot specially produced for www.bonsaivaerkstedet.com The pot is made by …

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