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Repotting season has started

The repotting season has started. Deciduous Shohin bonsai are lined up. Where repotting is needed it is executed now.  It is time just before the leafs opens, showing full activity in the tree. Only trees that have a rootball making a health problem are repotted. Or when a new pot is a priority because of …

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Horsetail Kusamono

The Kusamono Dwarf Horsetail, Equisetum scirpoides, is a gift from a good bonsai friend. He didn’t remember the name, so I had to research a bit to find the correct name of it. I like the elegant structure with the tiny dark knees dividing each of the stems. Also it`s black, pointy cone is distinctive. Growing together …

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Finding the right bonsai pot

One of the fun things about repotting bonsai in spring, is the possibility to select a new pot for a tree. You can change pots during the season if roots are left undisturbed an it is a necessity for an exhibition. But then you can’t adjust the position of the tree much or prune any …

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Shimpaku upside down

For a number of years I have been growing a small Juniperus Shimpaku, and followed the original position until now. The tree was purchased as a semi-finished piece at the Mansei-en nursery in Omiya, Japan, of late Saburo Kato in 2005, and mainly bought as a memory of the time spent with this most respected …

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Shohin displays at Noelanders

As promised in an earlier post, I will take a little time going through some of the shohin displays at Noelanders this year. Not to judge them (judges already did their job), but to put some words on the way of displaying shohin-bonsai the classical way at a exhibition. The obvious to put forward, is the …

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Gafu-ten book 38

The book from the 38th Gafu-ten exhibition in Japan (the largest Shohin exhibition taking place every January in Japan), just landed on my desk. And ohhh how happy a boy I am. Not only by watching the marvellous photos of fantastic Shohin-displays,  buts also the great improvement of having a part of the texts in …

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The shohin pot from Bálint Tirpák Mafia

A very kind gesture has been made from Hungarian shohin `Mafia´ member Bálint Tirpák. So he made his own pot for me, and it arrived today as gesture of gratitude for inspiration through this blog and websites throughout the years. Nicely wrapped in a box and clothing, the pot inside is a modern styled shohin …

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Flowers and leaves

Spring brings flowers and leaves. The delicate new maple leaves and the potent flower buds of the Japanese Quince now shows in all their beauty. This is spring. Every day a little new development and flowers that opens suddenly. Every day is a joy.

Shohin-bonsai pots by Elsebeth Ludvigsen

I am fortunate to have the excellent Danish shohin and kusamono potter Elsebeth Ludvigsen around. Elsebeth delivers from time to time some very good pots with her own unique style. Danish clay crafts have a good reputation in Europe and the traditions are shown in bonsai pots all over Europe from especially English, German, Danish …

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Shohin pot fashion today

Bonsai fashion shifts from time to time. Sometimes it changes due to new taste and influences by leading artists. Some time out of need. The later is the case with coloured pots for shohin-bonsai. Shohin-bonsai has been developed the past 40 to 50 years in Japan, and now some trees are outgrowing their containers. This …

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