Bonsai and pots in the heat

These warm summer days (that we are not blessed with too often this summer), it is important to provide some partial shade for especially smaller bonsai. Small shohin bonsai are easily dried out during a warm day, and partial shade in the middle of the day is essential in midd summer. Use a net for the purpose, or place the bonsai under partial shade from large garden trees for example.


Check regularly for watering needs during the day when possible. Bonsai do not dry out at the same time, just because they have the same size. Different leaf amounts and different types of foliage decides how much each plant evaporates. Weaker trees with less roots have to be shaded more, because the fewer roots may not be able to take up enough water to follow the speed of evaporation.

Please also take in mind the importance of the pot quality. The classic Japanese and Chinese pots are made especially to fulfill the purpose of being able to keep the roots cooler. Some western pots are made of heavier clay, and build with thicker walls, not having the ability to keep the temperatures low in the pot on a hot day with sun heating up pot, soil and roots. It is essential to keep the trees healthy avoiding an overheated pot. In nature the roots of the trees are always deep in the soil and kept in a natural steady temperature. Bonsai lives a more dangerous life, where soil temperatures vary when heated by the sun and  cooled by watering. Good bonsai pots build with the right clay and thinner walls helps keeping the soil temperature variations as small as possible.

Finally. Do not wait to the afternoon to water your trees if they are dry. Water immediately and when needed. Harmed roots dried out and overheated may damage the health of the tree severely.



All sizes bonsai workshop

Big and smaller bonsai was part of the bonsai workshop at Torben Brenfeldt this past Saturday. Nice to be part of a workshop in a friendly atmosphere, just working on trees all day long, finishing with a BBQ at night.

Many well known Danish faces turned up this day, working on quality trees. A helpful atmosphere were experienced bonsai artists gave each other advices and added new  valuable informations to newcomers.



Shohin deutzia

The beautiful flowers at the Slender deutzia are about to open. Deutzia gracilis, 15 cm heigh, is placed in a Japanese pot by Bikoh Horie. The flowering period is long, with the bright white flowers opening after some weeks.


Shohin bonsai weekend workshop

A really great weekend workshop with my German friends at the Bonsai Werkstatt in Düsseldorf. I may be a bad teacher, because the same people seems to need coming back to the workshop. 🙂 Also new friends arrived, and everybody worked really dedicated through both days.

Many high quality shohin trees and future trees were brought in by the students. Great pots and trees floating around, and i can’t remember how many trees we styled, changed, refined and repotted during these two intensive, but also relaxed days. Shohin people are nice people, and beside laughs we had many good and serious talks about care and health of the trees, as well as different techniques depending on purpose.

The Bonsai Werkstatt offers very nice settings for the workshops, in a friendly atmosphere. Even a bonsai museum is located at the nursery.

I am stunned by the eagerness and open minded approach to develop trees by the participants. Thank you for being so kind and even giving me gifts. Look forward to another round again.

Here some of my photos from the workshop and Bonsai Werkstatt, run by Werner Busch.

Shohin display workshop

Photos from the my recent workshop at the local club Vestjylland in Denmark, dealing with Shohin Bonsai display. Photos: Hans Jørgen Nielsen, Bonsaiværkstedet.
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